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The revolutionary technology of IQOS heated tobacco and IQOS VEEV electronic cigarettes has already been discovered by tens of thousands of adult smokers throughout Slovakia. What is their experience with IQOS? What convinced them to give up classic cigarettes and give a chance to a new way of using tobacco? Does IQOS have any negatives? Read about the most common reasons for change. Or dive directly into IQOS user experiences and reviews. Throw away cigarettes and be inspired to switch to a non-smoking alternative.

IQOS advantages


Less harmful chemicals, no ash, no smoke. These are the words that users often use to praise their IQOS or IQOS VEEV experience. They appreciate that they are more considerate of themselves and their surroundings. Did they discover any IQOS negatives? What do they appreciate about their transition to smokeless alternatives to smoking? IQOS user reviews will tell you more.

More options

One of the advantages of IQOS is, for example, the choice of flavors of tobacco sticks. "My wife and I have been using IQOS for a year. In addition to not smelling like smoke, we have a variety of HEETS to choose from, so we each found a taste that suits us over time. We are excited," praises his decision to switch by user Michal. Another positive is the possibility to enjoy smoke-free alternatives in restaurants or cafes with the permission of the owner. Satisfied users also appreciate the excellent facilities in the form of brick-and-mortar stores, friendly service and IQOS CLUB benefits.


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In addition to fans of heated tobacco, fans of IQOS VEEV vaporizers, an electronic cigarette from our offer, shared their experiences. In one of our branded stores or on our e-shop, you can buy the IQOS heated tobacco device and the IQOS VEEV e-cigarette.


IQOS VEEV reviews

Are you already registered at and have a paired device? Share your experience with IQOS or IQOS VEEV and join many real users, who share their opinions, ideas and tips. Read their reviews and discussions and perhaps you will discover something that will elevate your IQOS experience to a new level. 


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