Not a Vape. Not a Cigarette.
Menthol Tobacco, Heated.


What are the alternatives to menthol cigarettes in the UK?​

Have you been impacted by the menthol ban and are looking for alternatives to menthol cigarettes? IQOS menthol heated tobacco is an alternative to menthol cigarettes that is still available in the UK.​

With the same ritual and cigarette-like satisfaction1, IQOS is the closest alternative to a menthol cigarette. And unlike e-cigarettes, heated tobacco uses real tobacco leaf.​

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Menthol Cigarette Alternative​

The ban on menthol cigarettes has left many smokers with a decision to make – what will be their menthol cigarette replacement? Quitting smoking is always the best choice, but for those adult smokers who cannot quit or choose not to, there are other menthol tobacco options to switch to. If you are looking for a menthol cigarette alternative, then IQOS could be the solution.​

IQOS is a smoke-free alternative that heats real tobacco,rather than burning it. While it isn’t risk free, IQOS emits on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.2

IQOS is used with specially designed tobacco sticks called HEETS which come in a variety of menthol tobacco flavours.​

HEETS Menthol Variants

HEETS are available in four menthol tobacco variants, including two new flavours. The addition of these flavours could help menthol smokers to move away from cigarettes.​

Explore the HEETS:

Sienna Caps Selection

Refined and freshing

The intense and full-bodied tobacco blend of Sienna which in a click delivers a cooling menthol breeze.

Green Selection​

Balanced & cooling​

Lightly toasted tobacco, providing a balanced menthol cooling sensation.

Turquoise Selection​


Turquoise Selection has a smooth menthol flavour, giving a refreshing sensation.

Blue Selection​

Deep & cooling​

Blue Selection has a deep menthol flavour, giving an intense cooling sensation.​

  1. 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).
  2. Average reductions in levels of a broad range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F). It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk.
  3. Pay £10 to start your trial. At the end of your trial, decide whether to buy the device or return it for free. T&Cs apply.