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Order and Delivery Troubleshooting  

What should I do if my IQOS order is incomplete or damaged? 

We apologise if your IQOS order is incomplete or damaged. Please return the order by following the guidance. 

Log in to your IQOS customer account and visit the “My Orders” page. Select “Request a Return” for your latest order. You should receive an email containing a free-of-charge return slip. Download and place the slip on a parcel. Then, bring the package to a post office within 14 days.  

Make sure to use the IQOS return label, otherwise, we cannot cover or reimburse the return cost. Furthermore, an IQOS return label is necessary for the package to reach the correct destination.  

If you would prefer, contact the Customer Service Team, who may help you find a satisfactory resolution.  

The item delivered does not match the item I ordered. What should I do?  

We apologise if you have received the wrong item. Please return the order at your earliest convenience. Follow the steps below to return the incorrect product.  

Log in to your account and visit the ‘My Orders’ page. Click ‘Request a Return’ and look out for an email. The email will include a free-of-charge return slip. Download and print the slip, then place it on your package. Take the package to a post office within 14 days of receiving a returns email. 

Always use the return label supplied by IQOS. Otherwise, the package may not reach the correct destination, and we will be unable to reimburse you or cover postage costs. 

My order is wrong. Who should I contact? 

Check your order details first. If the item is incorrect, contact our Customer Service Team

How can I change my order’s delivery address?  

Adult users cannot change an order’s delivery address through However, you may redirect the order through our trusted third-party delivery partner. Once our delivery partner contacts you, inform them about the new address and they should redirect the parcel.  

You can update your address at any time. Log in to your account, head to ‘My Details’, then ‘My Addresses’ to change your address.


Can I redirect an order while it’s in transit? 

Yes, but not through You must organise a redirect through our trusted third-party fulfillment partner. Once they notify you about the delivery, inform them about your new address. They should then redirect the parcel. Contact our Customer Service Team for more information. 






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