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How to use the VEEV ONE vaping pods?

Can I refill the VEEV ONE pod with other e-liquids?

No, you cannot. Only use VEEV ONE pods with VEEV ONE device. 

Please, ensure not to modify or attempt to refill VEEV ONE pods in any way or add any substance to VEEV ONE pods.  Doing so may cause injury.

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Can I remove my VEEV pod while the device is on?

Yes, you can easily change the pod at any time and on the go, with its new magnetic connector made for easy insertion and removal. 
When inserting VEEV ONE Pod while the device is ON, the status light will slowly turn on with LED ramp-up and then move to the Vape phase to indicate you can use the device.

To remove your VEEV ONE pod:
Hold the VEEV pod and, without twisting, pull it away from the device.


Do I have to replace any parts in the VEEV pods? 

There are no parts that should be replaced in VEEV ONE.

Once your VEEV ONE pod is empty, simply replace it with a new one.

Each new VEEV ONE pod contains a new Compact Ceramic heater inside as well as a new mouthpiece for a hygienic and consistent vaping experience. 

For your safety, VEEV ONE pods are designed to prevent tampering and ensure that e-liquid cannot be altered.

Do not modify or attempt to refill VEEV ONE pod in any way or add any substance to VEEV ONE pod.  Doing so may cause injury.

Do the pods of VEEV ONE leak?

The pods of VEEV ONE are designed to prevent leakage.
In case Droplets/Traces of liquid are visible on the cartridge or mouthpiece, which may occur during unpacking or usage, they must be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth before use. In case of contact with leaking e-liquid from the VEEV ONE pod, wash the affected area immediately with soap and water.


Are VEEV ONE VAPE and pods Recyclable?

We aim to reduce the waste generated by our used products, and our Recycle Programme plays a vital role in getting us there.

Simply return your used VEEV One pod and the device that you are not using anymore to us, and we will recycle the recyclable components so you can enjoy your VEEV One, knowing your used pods are being taken care of.

Visit our recycling page for more information.  

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