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How to use the VEEV ONE vaping device?

How do I use VEEV ONE device?                                                   

Turn ON: 
•    Press and hold the button (3-4 seconds) until the Status lights ramp up to the level of battery charge. Release the button to start using your VEEV ONE device.

Turn OFF:
•    Press and hold the Button (3-4 seconds) until the Status Lights ramp down slowly; then release the Button. 

VEEV ONE device and VEEV ONE pods are not for minors.  This product is not risk-free and is addictive.
For more risk information, click here.


How do I clean the VEEV ONE device?


Only use a dry cloth to clean the mouth end of the pod and the contacts of the device and the pod.

VEEV ONE, AC Power Adaptor and USB Cable should not be exposed to any liquid. Do not touch them if they become wet or have been immersed in any liquid.

Droplets/Traces of liquid that are visible on the cartridge or mouthpiece, which may occur during unpacking or usage, must be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth before use.

Do not use this product if the VEEV ONE pod is damaged, tampered with, broken, or leaking.

In case of contact with leaking e-liquid from the VEEV ONE pod, wash the affected area immediately with soap and water.


Can I take my VEEV ONE device on an airplane? 

If you want to travel with your VEEV ONE device, we recommend you check with the airline you’re travelling with and verify whether you can take your device onboard. 

Yes, VEEV ONE can be stored in your carry-on luggage or your pocket. 

We suggest you first finish your pod before taking it onto the airplane; otherwise, due to air pressure, the pod e-liquid might leak.

If your pod leaks, in case of contact with leaking e-liquid from the VEEV ONE pod, wash the affected area immediately with soap and water. 

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