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How to Return IQOS Devices: Costs and Timings

Can I return IQOS free-of-charge?

You can only return an IQOS device free-of-charge if you are cancelling an order placed on or over the phone. Use the return label provided, and the IQOS return will be free of charge. If you did not buy your device on, you should return it to the website or store where you bought it. In the case of an IQOS device bought from another store, returning via is not possible.  

If you did buy your device on and wish to return it, log into your IQOS customer account and request a return. You should receive an email containing the return slip. Download the slip and stick it on the package. You then have 14 days to bring the package to the post office.  


How do I prepare an item for return? 

Always use the original packaging when shipping an IQOS device, if possible. The original packaging contains a dangerous goods label, which you need when shipping one Pocket Charger or more than two Holders.  

Please only return devices that are defective or need replacing. If, for example, only your Holder is defective, then just send the Holder.  

If you send multiple devices, separate them - ideally in their original packaging. Do not let lithium batteries contact one another. 

Before shipping your device, make sure it is not or has not previously exhibited the following faults: 

  • Bloated or cracked/broken case. 

  • Heat generation despite being turned off. 

  • Melted or deformed parts. 

  • Sparks or stinging flames. 

  • A short circuit. 

If your device shows even one of these signs, you should not ship it. Instead, dispose of the device carefully at a local recycling center.  

Devices containing lithium batteries are considered hazardous materials. Do not send any devices with a damaged lithium battery.  
This may affect the following devices: IQOS Pocket Charger and IQOS Holder.  


How long do I have to return an order placed in the online store? 

The cancellation period for a product purchased on is 14 days. The product must be unused and unopened. With IQOS’ trial month, you have up to 24 days to decide whether or not to purchase the device. After cancelling, you have 21 days to return the device. The cancellation period remains unaffected. 

How long do I have to return a device purchased from a representative?  

If you bought your IQOS device from a retailer, you should usually have 14 days to return the device to them. The product should be unused and unopened. You cannot return devices purchased from a representative to  

Where can I get my IQOS return label? 

If you cancel a purchase and want to return your IQOS device, you will need a free-of-charge return label. Obtain this by logging into your IQOS account and following the below instructions.  


  • Go to your account and select the "My orders" section. 

  • Search for your order via the order number.  

  • Click ‘Return Order’, and you will receive an automatic email. 

  • Download and print the return label attached to the email.  

  • Attach the label to your parcel.  

Please remember: If you did not buy your IQOS device on, you must return the device to your chosen sales channel. A return via is not possible.  
Note: If you have ordered the IQOS trial month, you can return your device to us within the 30-day trial period. 

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