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How to order an IQOS device or HEETS?

Do I need to be registered to order my IQOS product or HEETS online?

Registration is mandatory if you purchase online or over the phone. This is required because we need to verify that you are of the legal age of 18 or over before we can sell our products to you. You can purchase IQOS devices (but not HEETS) in-store without registering, if you can prove you are 18 or over.
As a registered IQOS user, you will be able to order via our complimentary next-day delivery service if your order is over £79. Request repeat purchases, track your orders, view your order history, and request returns and refunds via IQOS Care.
In addition, if you opt-in for communications, you will be able to benefit from dedicated support to get you started and help you with your IQOS journey and communication to keep you up to date with IQOS news and the latest product information.

How to order IQOS devices, HEETS and accessories online?

After choosing the product, select the quantity you want and then «Add to cart». A message will appear to let you know that the product you selected has been added to your cart. By selecting "Continue shopping", you can continue with your purchases, while selecting "Proceed to order", you can proceed with the payment. If you mistakenly entered a product into your cart, select "Delete" under the single product. If you have incorrectly entered the quantities, use the arrows next to the product to modify them, then select «Recalculate»: in this way your cart will be updated automatically.

If you have a discount code, you can enter it on the shopping cart page in the section "Enter the promo code and click OK", followed by the "OK" button: a message will appear to inform you of the correct entry. To proceed with the payment, select "Order Now". Enter your details and your shipping address and finally choose the payment method you want to use. At this point you will be directed to the final page with a summary of your data. To conclude the order, click on «Buy».

Afterwards, you will receive two emails: the first communication will include the summary of the order and confirmation of payment; the second communication will include the link to track and monitor your shipment. If not received, try checking in the Spam folder. 

What is the time to process the order?

All orders received before the 8:00 pm cut-off need to be processed by 10 pm, as our carrier collects the orders at 10.30 pm. We don’t have a timeframe for individual order processing.

What should be included in the box with the IQOS kit?

Your IQOS Device, IQOS Cleaner, IQOS Cleaning Sticks, USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor will be included in the box. 


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