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How to Manage your IQOS User Account​

How do I change my IQOS account password?  

You should first “Login” to your IQOS account to change your password. Then, visit the “My Details” page and click “My Personal Details”. Press the ‘Reset Password’ button to receive a password reset email. 

Adult users who cannot log in to their account may request a password reset email. Reset your password and recover your account by following the link. 

How can I change my address on 

Update your address by logging in and navigating to the ‘My Details’ page. Select ‘My Addresses’, then update your details.  

Are you worried you might have ordered IQOS to the wrong place? ​Track your order to check. If you have, head to the ​service and support page, where we can help you rectify the problem. 

How can I delete my IQOS account? 

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team to delete your IQOS account. 

How to unsubscribe from the distribution list for commercial offers? 

If you are receiving emails, you will have previously opted into marketing communication. Undo this by visiting the ‘My Details’ page on your IQOS profile. Click ‘My Preferences’ and untick the marketing communication tab to unsubscribe.  

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