What colours does the IQOS ILUMA PRIME come in?


IQOS ILUMA PRIME is available in 4 stylish colours: Gold Khaki, Obsidian Black, Jade Green and Bronze Taupe. 


Can I change the IQOS ILUMA PRIME wrap? 


You can. Open the wrap fully on your device and pull it out from the top down. Now, you can easily remove it from the pocket charger. To attach your new wrap, slide the linear magnets into the same-shaped recesses on the pocket charger. It’s now uniquely yours. 


How do I clean the IQOS ILUMA PRIME’s leather wrap, and is it covered by warranty?

The great news is that cleaning the leather wrap is easy. Just grab a damp cloth and wipe it gently. Unfortunately, wraps are not covered by the warranty. 


How to charge my IQOS ILUMA, and how long does it take?

It’s quick and easy to charge your device but remember. It’s safer to use the power adapter and charging cable designed for IQOS ILUMA. It takes around 135 minutes to fully charge the pocket charger and up to 10 minutes to fully charge the holder for the first time after unpacking. The holder recharge times are: 

  • 1’ 50” for 1 use* 

  • 3’25” for 1-2 uses* 

  • 5’ 15” 0-2 uses* 

  • and 10’ 05” for its first charge out of the box* 

*Please refer to the battery degradation section.


How do I check the battery level of the pocket charger? 

Checking the battery level of the pocket charger is easy. Simply short-press the side button on the pocket charger.

The pocket charger lights will turn on to indicate the battery level: 

  • 4 WHITE lights mean the battery is fully charged. 

  • 3 WHITE lights mean up to 75% battery life remaining. 

  • 2 WHITE lights mean up to 50% battery life remaining. 

  • 1 WHITE light means up to 25% battery life remaining. 


What do the lights on the IQOS ILUMA device mean? 


YELLOW blinking lights displaying on the holder: This means the battery is depleted, and the holder needs to be recharged. IQOS ILUMA holder recharge times are: 

  • 1 minute and 50 seconds for 0-1 Use*

  • 3 minutes and 25 seconds for 1-2 Uses* 

RED blinking light on the holder: You need to put the holder in the pocket charger and reset the device. 

WHITE lights blink twice on the holder: This indicates your IQOS ILUMA is outside its operating temperature range of between >0°C/<40°C. 

*Please refer to the battery degradation section.


Can I use the power adaptor & charging cable from older IQOS devices? 

Yes, but only with the charging cable and power adaptor designed for IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ORIGINALS DUO.

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