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Changing or Cancelling a Wrong IQOS Order

Can I Change the Order While in Transit?

You can redirect the orders after receiving the delivery notification from our trusted third-party fulfilment partner. Alternatively, you can contact the IQOS Customer Care Team

Can I Change, or Cancel an Order I Have Placed?

No, unfortunately an order that has already been placed can no longer be changed or cancelled.

How Can I Change my Order if I have Used the Wrong Address?

Unfortunately, the delivery address cannot be changed once an order has been placed.
If your order cannot be handed over to you personally, it will be automatically sent back to us.

However, you can update your address at any time via your customer account. You can access your customer account on at the top within the navigation at "Login". After logging in, please navigate to "My Details" and then "My Addresses" in order to change your wrong address.

I have Received the Wrong Order. Who Should I Contact?

You can contact the IQOS Customer Care Team to check your order.

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