Troubleshooting your HEETS tobacco sticks

You may have incorrectly inserted the HEETS tobacco stick. It’s important not to twist or turn it.

Tobacco mixture from your previous HEETS may be blocking the IQOS Holder airflow, so give your device a good clean.

We are sorry that you have a problem with your HEETS. By regularly cleaning your holder and charging your device you may be able to solve the problem. If neither of these work, please contact us.

Check your Holder for residual tobacco and that the Holder cap is fully closed before inserting a HEET.

Try pre-heating the holder for 5 seconds before inserting the HEETS tobacco stick.

You may have some tobacco stuck in the cap. (Always lift up the cap before removing the used HEETS.)

Remove the cap and gently tap it on a flat surface to remove any residue.

Residue still left? Slide the cap up, place the used HEETS back in the cap and rotate the tobacco stick 90°, then slide the cap back down.

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