Terms and Condition MGM program

1. Purposes & scope

Refer A Colleague is a referral program from IQOS Club Indonesia for sharing their IQOS experiences to colleagues in order for them to switch to a better alternative. Colleagues are adult smokers or adult users of other nicotine-containing products (18+). This program is valid for all IQOS Club Indonesia members.

1.1 Eligibility

  • ‘The Referrers’ are registered members of IQOS Club Indonesia.
  • ‘The Referrals’ are adult smokers or adult users of other nicotine-containing products (18+), and have never joined IQOS Club Indonesia.

2. For The Referrer

2.1 Conditions of The Referrer

  • UNIQUE CODE of The Referrer will be active when the IQOS Club Indonesia member register their IQOS device on www.iqos.com.
  • Device registration can be done by input the IQOS serial number that stated in the IQOS box into "Refer a Colleague" and "My Device" page.
  • Refer A Colleague program applies to all registered IQOS Club Indonesia members.
  • In certain period of time, Refer A Colleague program can be combined with respected IQOS Club Indonesia programs.

2.2 Reward for The Referrer

  • The Referrer has joined the IQOS Club Indonesia as of September 1, 2021.
  • The Referrals can get a reward of IDR 100,000 for every Referrer who successfully joins IQOS Club Indonesia and registers devices at www.iqos.com
  • The Referrer may receive a maximum of 10 rewards separately and cannot be combined at the same time for the purchase of IQOS devices or accessories on www.iqos.com.
  • Reward not valid for HEETS and TEREA purchase.
  • Rewards will be received no later than 3x24 hours via registered email, after The Referral joins as a member at IQOS Club Indonesia and registers his IQOS device at www.iqos.com.
  • Referrer can receive additional rewards IQOS ILUMA One devices, if at least 15 of the Referrals registered and successfully join IQOS Club Indonesia and register the device starting September 1, 2021.
  • If the Referrer refers 15 colleagues before June 30, 2023, the Referrer may receive an IQOS ILUMA device.
  • If the Referrer refers 15 colleagues as of July 1, 2023, the Referrer will receive an IQOS ILUMA ONE device.
  • The redemption period for IQOS ILUMA expires on July 30, 2023.
  • Rewards cannot be cashed in or be transferred.
  • The program valid upon reward stock availability.
  • The program can be stopped at anytime without prior notice.

3. For The Referral

3.1 Conditions of The Referral

  • Register to IQOS Club Indonesia via: 
    • IQOS Club Indonesia official website, www.iqos.com
    • IQOS booths spread across cities throughout Indonesia, 
    • IQOS customer care, 
    • IQOS Expert. 
  • The Referral must join a guided trial session in offline or virtually with IQOS Expert.
  • The Referral mentions the Referrer's UNIQUE CODE registered with IQOS Club Indonesia accompanied by the first purchase in IQOS booth, customer care, and event organized by IQOS Club Indonesia.
  • Register the IQOS device by inputting the device serial number at www.iqos.com after joined successfully as member in IQOS Club Indonesia.

3.2 Reward for The Referral

Program starting from 14th February 2024 and can be stopped at anytime without prior notice.

  • The Referral get a special offer worth: ​
    • Initial purchase IQOS ILUMA PRIME = IDR 100K off​
    • Initial purchase IQOS ILUMA = IDR 200K off​
    • Initial purchase IQOS ILUMA ONE = IDR 200K off​
  • Offers not valid for HEETS or TEREA purchase. 
  • Limited offer is only valid by mentioning UNIQUE CODE.
  • Limited offer is not valid for limited edition product.
  • Limited offer cannot be cashed in or be transferred.
  • Reward valid until stock lasts and the offer can be stopped anytime without prior notice.

3.3. IQOS Accessories

  • Points can only be earned if you purchase IQOS accessories from the website IQOS.com.

4. Special Condition - for Referrer who have participated in the previous period's Refer A Colleague program: 

  • You are entitled to receive 10 rewards (maximum) for IQOS device or accessories purchase separately at www.iqos.com for each and every successfully registered as new IQOS Club Indonesia member and registered their device.
  • The achievement of the maximum reward in the previous Refer A Colleague period will be reset in the new program period.

5. Special Offer Program Conditions – Refer Colleagues to get IQOS ILUMA Prime Stardrift :

5.1. Program Requirements

  • The program start from February 14th 2024 and end on March 14th 2024.
  • All IQOS Club Indonesia members who have a unique reference code eligible to join the program with referring 3 (three) referrals to join IQOS Club Indonesia during the program period.
  • Employees of the PT. HM Sampoerna and third parties taking part in the organization of the Program or providing PT. HM Sampoerna with services relating to the distribution of IQOS products on the Indonesian market are prohibited from taking part in the Program.
  • The referrals who are eligible to be included in the program are those who have successfully registered IQOS Club Indonesia and registered their devices at www.iqos.com since February 14th until March 14th 2024, and have never joined IQOS Club Indonesia.
  • The referrals who join using a telephone number and/or email that has previously been registered with IQOS Club Indonesia, are not counted as eligible referrals to be included in the program.
  • Referral recipients are not allowed to unlink devices on IQOS.com since February 14th until March 14th 2024.

5.2. Reward

  • Rewards are intended exclusively for the first 1000 members of IQOS Club who have successfully referred the most referrals during the program period.
  • Rewards are non-transferrable to another person. 
  • The reward is 1 (one) IQOS ILUMA Prime Stardrift device which will be sent to the address of the chosen IQOS Club member.
  • The selected IQOS Club members will be notified via official email from IQOS Indonesia to the email address registered at IQOS.com by April 1, 2024, and required to confirm the name and address details by April 15, 2024.
  • Rewards will be sent to the selected member’s IQOS Club address no later than May 15th, 2024.
  • The selected IQOS Club members who do not confirm via email will be contacted by the customer care IQOS Indonesia team.
  • IQOS has the right to cancel the reward to the selected IQOS Club member who do not confirm the email and cannot be contacted by the IQOS Indonesia CSC team.
  • IQOS has the right to stop the program at any time without prior notice.

5.3. Miscellaneous Conditions

  • By taking part in the Program, the referrers consent to the rules and conditions of the program.
  • IQOS Indonesia will not provide any compensation with any reasons if there are IQOS Club members who unable to claim the rewards because they do not fulfill the terms and conditions.
  • IQOS is not responsible if the reward is not received by the referrer due to incorrect personal data information and/or delivery address.
  • IQOS reserves the right to amend the Rules and Conditions of the Program at any time during the term of the Program, including the duration of the Program. Every participants must read the Rules and Conditions in their entirety. The Terms and Conditions are fully binding by taking part in the Program.