What is the IQOS Web App?

The IQOS Web App is a web application designed for keeping your IQOS up to date with the newest firmware and guaranteeing you an optimal and personalized user experience.


Update Firmware

Keep your IQOS firmware up-to-date and secure the optimal device performance.





The IQOS App on a mobile phone screen.



Customize the interaction with your IQOS to suit your habits best.


A mobile phone screen showing IQOS 3 DUO on an IQOS App screen.


Learn about the world of IQOS and how to use your device.

Launch the IQOS Web App to update your IQOS firmware, personalize your experience, and get tips and tricks.

Launch IQOS Web App

Get the best out of your IQOS, with the latest firmware.

The performance of your IQOS is based on firmware, therefore, we are constantly optimizing it to offer you the best device experience with every update.

Your advantages with a firmware update:
1. Extended lifetime of your IQOS
2. Improved device performance
3. Faster charging

In order to perform the firmware update, connect your device to the IQOS Web App. Once you are successfully connected, click on "About my device" and check if there is an update available for your pocket charger/holder.

Personalize your IQOS experience

The IQOS Web App enables you to personalize your vibration settings and the illumination mode according to your personal habit.

With tailored vibration settings, you decide when your IQOS should vibrate - when the holder is fully charged, when the heating process is started or just when you are almost done. Check out all possibilities!

Furthermore, the night mode in the IQOS Web app offers you the possibility to reduce the brightness of the LED while you are sleeping and your device is being charged.

Learn more about using your IQOS

The IQOS Web App offers all the information you need for an optimal experience with your IQOS in our Tips & Tutorials section. Whether it's about usage, cleaning, battery or general topics - this section will help you in the best possible way.

Launch IQOS Web App