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IQOS 3 DUO Cap Copper (COPPER)
IQOS 3 DUO Cap د.إ55.00
IQOS 3 DUO Cap G0000105 COPPER 3.0 IQOS false M0304 DF001417.13 S.01MG9 5410706850475 ht-accessories all-accessories 55.0 55.0
IQOS 3 DUO Door Cover Sunset Lavender (SUNSET LAVENDER)
Door Cover G0000559 SUNSET LAVENDER 3.0 IQOS false M0304 DF001749.00 S.01MJ0 7622100713739 ht-accessories all-accessories 35.0 35.0
Silicone Sleeve Scarlet (SCARLET)
IQOS 3 DUO Silicon Sleeve G0000182 SCARLET 3.0 IQOS false M0323 DE000790.00 S.01MHL 7622100666554 ht-accessories all-accessories 35.0 35.0
IQOS 3 DUO Fabric Folio Indigo (INDIGO)
IQOS 3 DUO Fabric Folio G0000051 INDIGO 3.0 IQOS false M0303 DE000263.01 S.01MDW 7622100717140 ht-accessories all-accessories 70.0 70.0
IQOS 3 DUO Fabric Sleeve Grey (GREY)
IQOS 3 DUO Fabric Sleeve G0000176 GREY 3.0 IQOS false M0323 DW000208.00 S.01ME4 5410706857429 ht-accessories all-accessories 50.0 50.0
IQOS cleaning sticks (10s)  (WHITE)
IQOS Cleaning Sticks (10s) G0000162 WHITE 3.0 IQOS false M0321 DR000056.07 S.01MDA 5410706851458 ht-accessories all-accessories 8.0 8.0
IQOS Cleaning Tool Pale Blue (PALE BLUE)
IQOS Cleaning Tool د.إ20.00
IQOS Cleaning Tool G0000270 PALE BLUE IQOS false M0320 DN000090.01 S.01MDH 6294003802134 ht-accessories all-accessories 20.0 20.0
IQOS Ceramic Tray Black (BLACK)
IQOS Ceramic Tray د.إ145.00
IQOS Ceramic Tray G0000166 BLACK IQOS false M0322 DP000209.00 S.01MFW 7622100715085 ht-accessories all-accessories 145.0 145.0
IQOS Car Tray Black (BLACK)
IQOS Car Tray د.إ105.00
IQOS Car Tray G0000165 BLACK IQOS false M0322 DP000118.04 S.01MDP 5410706847864 ht-accessories all-accessories 105.0 105.0
IQOS Power Adaptor Pale Blue (PALE BLUE)
IQOS Power Adaptor د.إ40.00
IQOS Power Adaptor G0000269 PALE BLUE 2.4 IQOS false M0306 DH000129.00 S.01MD0 7622100762294 ht-accessories all-accessories 40.0 40.0
USB-C Cable Pale Blue (PALE BLUE)
USB-C Cable د.إ35.00
USB-C Cable G0000268 PALE BLUE 3.0 IQOS false M0308 DG000146.00 S.01MCZ 6294003802073 ht-accessories all-accessories 35.0 35.0
IQOS TRAY د.إ75.00
IQOS TRAY G0000528 RED 2.4 IQOS false M0322 DP000216.00 S.01MHD 7622100715580 ht-accessories all-accessories 75.0 75.0
30 Cleaning Sticks White (WHITE)
IQOS Cleaning Sticks (30s) G0000163 WHITE 2.4 IQOS false M0321 DR000063.02 S.01NLS 5410706859829 ht-accessories all-accessories 19.0 19.0