Term & Conditions Goodwill Voucher


1. Goodwill Voucher recipient: An adult (18+) user of tobacco products or IQOS that has received a goodwill voucher and residing in UAE.

2. Goodwill Vouchers are only applicable for use on iqos.com in UAE.

3. Goodwill Vouchers are valid for a period of 60 days from the date of issuance.

4. Goodwill Vouchers are not eligible for purchase of consumables (TEREA&HEETS).

5. The receiver may apply the Goodwill Voucher by inserting the code into the “Enter your voucher code” field at checkout.

6. The Goodwill Voucher may be used only once by the Recipient and cannot be used together with any other voucher codes from any other programs and/or mechanics. In case the order is cancelled and/or the product is returned, the code cannot be reinstated.

7. Goodwill Voucher cannot be converted to cash.

8. Goodwill Vouchers are not transferable and cannot be transferred to another IQOS user.

9. If the basket value is less than the value of the voucher the unused amount cannot be carried over and will be forfeited.

10. We reserve the right to cancel an issued Goodwill Vouchers at any time without any further notice or giving reasons thereof

11. These Terms and Conditions may be changed and (or) supplemented at any time by posting an amended version on iqos.com.