Get closer to those who matter.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of belonging and being closer to those who matter the most.

A person with long finger nails. Holding an IQOS device.

It's about belonging.

Let's celebrate our collective progress, through cooperation, support, and a spirit of togetherness and our shared support for one another.

With IQOS, you can enjoy more of these moments - where everyone feels the same warmth, but no one feels the need to say it. We're proud that IQOS can help you be there in these shared times, without worrying about cigarette smoke, smell, or ash affecting those around you.

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A gold IQOS device in its holder in a person's hand.
Lit cigarette end compared to IQOS HEETS stick in IQOS 3 DUO holder.

IQOS doesn't burn tobacco so no cigarette smoke is produced.

The heating of tobacco with IQOS produces a non-smoke aerosol that dissipates more quickly.

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