Terms and Conditions for Referral Program

The IQOS referral program (“Referral Program”) allows the Intended User (“Participant”) of IQOS who reside in Egypt to offer their adult smoker friends who reside in Egypt, a discount in the amount of 20% on the purchase of IQOS from our authorized touchpoints. The referred person is entitled for a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.

A Referral is considered successful when these three points are completed:

  1. The referred person is an adult smoker residing in Egypt;
  2. The referred person has never bought any product from any of our authorized touchpoints and doesn’t have a linked device in our data base.
  3. The referred person buys his/her first IQOS Kit using the promotional code (Unicode) shared by the Participant.

In case of returns within the referral program:

1. Full returns are allowed (with all items purchased sealed, with the receipt and in the same branch)

a.    In case of full return, the MGM voucher is used, and can not be reactivated or reused.

b.    Partial returns are not allowed at all.

c.    No exchange allowed.

2. Vouchers can not be combined, and each voucher can be used separately (one voucher per sales transaction)

If a Referral is successful, the Participant will be offered a reward of 200 EGP to be used in the purchase of IQOS or related accessories from any of our authorized touchpoints. Please note that the participant buys an IQOS related product with a value under the reward, the difference shall not be carried over

We reserve the right to change the value at any time of the discount and reward valid for the Referral Program, the products for which these vouchers are valid, and the value and type of any other reward offered to IQOS Participants upon notification. The number of adult smokers that a Participant may refer is not limited but we reserve the right to limit it at any time and at our discretion. If two Participants refer the same adult smoker, only the first successful referral will be rewarded at our discretion, unless otherwise requested by the Referral. We reserve the right to exclude a Participant from the Referral Program at any time without cause. Exchanging the reward against cash is not possible. We also reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions, suspend or terminate the Referral Program at any time and at our discretion. Sharing the Participant personal code and/or personal information, publicly on social media platforms or websites, with the intent of maximizing Referrals or otherwise, is not allowed. In the case that we discover intentional or suspected fraud we reserve the right to terminate the Participants’ account.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us at contact.eg@iqos.com for any questions you may have about these Terms or the touchpoint.


This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.