Return your used tobacco sticks.

Once with us, we can recycle them.

What’s the smallest thing you can do today to reduce environmental impact?

With our Circular Programme, you don’t have to throw your used HEETS/TEREA tobacco sticks away.

You can collect and return them to us to be recycled. 

Dropped off until now.

Take the first step

Get collection bag

Online or in-store during your next purchase. You can get up to 3 bags per month.


Collect your used HEETS/TEREA tobacco sticks in the collection bag until full.


Drop the bag at one of these IQOS stores.

Get a surprise

After dropping off 5 bags.


*Terms and conditions apply.

Keep your used sticks off the streets.

Join our community of IQOS users returning their used tobacco sticks via our Circular Programme. Together we can recycle them.

Get your free collection bag online or in-store during your next purchase.​​

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