Terms and Conditions for Lending Program

The IQOS lending program (“Lending Program”) allows the Legal Age Smoker of conventional cigarettes who resides in Egypt (“Participant”) to benefit from trying IQOS for the duration of 14 days prior to committing to purchasing the device (“Lending Period”).

A Lending Program Participant is considered eligible when these four (4) points are completed:

1.     The Participant is an adult smoker residing in Egypt;

2.     The Participant does not have any current open Lending Program case;

3.     The Participant has never bought the current product on offer from any of our authorized touchpoints or website(s) and doesn’t have a linked device with the same generation on offer in our database;

4.     The Participant is not using a bank card that has been flagged by the company’s payment service provider for prior fraudulent activities.

To participate in the Lending Program you must provide the necessary bank card details to pay for the HEETS Bundle as mentioned in the section below. These card details will be stored and processed by our payment service provider [Checkout.com]. [Checkout.com] handles all data encrypted (SSL) and your data is not accessible to external parties.

A Participant is considered to have completed his/her Lending Program when these steps have been completed:

1.     The Participant decides to enter the Lending Program upon which he/she chooses the IQOS Kit Color, and the HEETS Bundle Mix. The Participant can take part in a short quiz (Flavor Advisor) to better assist him/her in choosing the Mix that could provide the best IQOS experience. The Participant will be immediately charged the value of the HEETS Mix at the conclusion of the interaction and the remaining value shall be tokenized onto the Participant’s bank card. The Participant can also benefit from the referral program at this point where the remaining value that will be transacted at the conclusion of the Lending Program will be decreased by the amount of the referral program applicable.

2.     The Participant chooses to keep his/her IQOS Kit and the company successfully transacts the remaining value of the Lending Program IQOS Kit at the conclusion of the Lending Period. This transaction is done automatically by the company’s payment service provider or if the Participant chooses to end the Lending Program early by contacting the company through our customer care channel or IQOS.com. The total value of the transaction is the remaining amount that has been communicated to the Participant during the beginning of the Lending Program prior to completing the purchase of the HEETS Mix.


In case of returns within the Lending Program:

1.  Returns of the IQOS Kits within the duration of the Lending Program is allowed provided that the following points are valid:

a.     The IQOS Box, Holder, Pocket Charger, Charging Cable, and Charging Socket are all accounted for and returned;

b.     All items that are returned are the same items that were given to the Participant at the start of the Lending Program (the IQOS Box, IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger barcodes are the same barcodes that were given to the Participant at the start of the Lending Program.)

2. HEETS purchased by the Participant are not returnable even in the event that they are still sealed;

3.  In the event that an item is missing in the return of the items from the Lending Program, the call center will be reaching out to the Participant to organize another day for pickup of the remaining item(s).

4. In the event that not all the items are returned within ten (10) calendar days after the conclusion of the Lending Period, the Participant will be automatically charged the total remaining value of the IQOS Kit.

5. Returns of all IQOS Kits are initiated by the Participant by contacting the customer call center or through IQOS.com in order to arrange a courier pickup at your place of convenience. Returns of Lending Program IQOS Kits cannot be done in our physical touchpoints.


If you do not provide us with your final decision to return the IQOS Kit at the end of the Lending Program, you will be automatically charged for the remaining value of the IQOS Kit with no possibility for refund. Once you have made your decision to keep the IQOS Kit, it cannot be returned nor refunded. The company reserves the right to change the value at any time of the IQOS Kit for the Lending Program, the HEETS Bundles associated with this Lending Program, and the value and type of any other reward or promotion offered to Lending Program Participants upon notification. Any Participant can benefit from the Lending Program one (1) time only or whenever a new generation of the IQOS Kit is available. We reserve the right to exclude a Participant from the Lending Program at any time without cause. We also reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions, suspend or terminate the Lending Program at any time and at our discretion. Creating multiple accounts with the intent of benefiting from additional Lending Programs or otherwise, is not allowed. In the case that we discover intentional or suspected fraud we reserve the right to terminate the Participants’ account. In the event that the company fails to transact the residual amount from the Participant’s bank card at the end of the Lending Period, the company reserves the right to use all of its available resources to retrieve the residual amount including and not limited to debt collectors.

How to Contact Us

Please contact us at contact.eg@iqos.com or through our customer call center (15647) for any questions you may have about these terms and conditions or the touchpoint.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.