The new web-based version of the IQOS app is here.

Services & Support 25/01/2021

From now on always and everywhere accessible - also mobile. All services are offered on the web, hence replacing the old version of the App! Simply log in to and select the respective device under “My Devices”. The App can then be started via the device settings of the Pocket Charger.

The IQOS App is available for adult IQOS users in Germany. This practical app helps to keep your IQOS device up-to-date at all times - thereby guaranteeing optimum performance.

The IQOS App checks the current firmware of an IQOS device and will update to the latest version if possible. Accordingly, the IQOS App helps to extend the service life for IQOS devices. The IQOS App also makes it possible to customize and personalize the interaction between users and their IQOS devices. Moreover, the App offers lots of tips & tricks on everything to do with IQOS.


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