Nov 5, 2020

Do you think your IQOS heating blade has broken? This is what you need to do.

The heart of IQOS houses the heating blade made from ceramic and elements of platinum, gold and silver. This blade is part of the sophisticated HeatControl™ technology, whose main function is to heat the units of tobacco for heating in a controlled manner. If we want to ensure its optimum function at all times, it is very important not to damage it. Below, we will explain how to monitor its condition and avoid possible damage.

How to see if your IQOS heating blade is broken

1. Remove the cap from your device.

2. Check the condition of the blade.

3. If the tip is missing, it is twisted or broken, it is probably damaged.

Such damage may be caused by incorrect device use or cleaning.

In order to make sure that it is the heating blade and not something else that is malfunctioning in your device, contact us
• by writing to us through the live chat (bottom right of our web page)
• through our social networks (Facebook and Youtube)
• at one of our authorised stores where our experts will be able to see what is happening with your IQOS and how the problem can be solved

How to prevent your IQOS heating blade from breaking

The heating blade is the real heart of your device, because through the heating blade, the IQOS HEETS tobacco stick gets hot. Correct use and cleaning will keep it safe from any damage or breakage, so take the following advice and enjoy your IQOS to the best of its performance. 

• Make sure that you are using your IQOS device correctly.
• Insert the HEETS tobacco stick up to the filter line and press the device button to activate the heating blade.
• Never twist the unit of tobacco for heating inside your IQOS. Before starting to use IQOS, press the button until it vibrates and wait until the white light stays.
• Make sure that you clean the device and in particular your IQOS heating blade. Before cleaning it, it must have cooled completely. To find out more about how to maintain, charge and clean your IQOS, please contact our support team
• It is very important to use the IQOS cleaner and not any other tools, as they may damage the device and break the heating blade.
• Once the device has cooled, position the cleaner and twist carefully. Lastly, use an IQOS cleaning stick to gently clean around the heating blade..

Who can repair or replace a broken IQOS device?

Only IQOS stores with the official technical service. You may find a great many technicians and stores that are not authorised by IQOS and are willing to fix your device and may even offer you non-original spare parts. These types of interventions can irreversibly damage the advanced IQOS system. This is why we recommend you to contact an authorised sales outlet and make the most of the official IQOS technical service, where qualified IQOS professionals and experts can assist you.
To make use of the international IQOS warranty abroad, you can register your device with IQOS Care Plus. This gives you a worldwide warranty and ensures that you are covered even when you travel abroad. For further questions, please contact the international hotline on +800 2559 2559 (between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. German time).
Make the most of all the IQOS assistance services and do not let any unqualified staff touch your device. Only trust the official IQOS service to properly maintain your device and keep it functioning perfectly.

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