September 7 2020


The first IQOS Boutique in the GCC is now open!

Inspired by the harmony found in nature and brought to life in an elevated simplicity, the IQOS Boutique offers personal and memorable experiences that will connect you with the IQOS brand world on an emotional level. It’s all about a journey of discovery into our IQOS smoke-free products and the science and technology behind them.

The IQOS Boutique hosts the full range of our IQOS products, including the latest IQOS devices, hundreds of customization options through a vast variety of IQOS accessories of colorful caps, door covers, folios and more, and the full assortment of HEETS. The IQOS Boutique also carries exclusive product offerings from IQOS and offers in-store experiences and services tailored around your needs. The latest addition to the IQOS Boutique portfolio assortment is the new and exclusive HEETS DIMENSIONS collection.  

In our IQOS Boutique, you will find a welcoming environment and will get the chance to experience a high level of attention and care, delivered at the highest standards. Our ambition is to ensure that adults who would otherwise continue to smoke can have a great discovery experience with IQOS, which includes familiarizing themselves with the product and its technology, getting assistance with a product demonstration, receiving customer care services for the IQOS devices, and many more.

The high level of attention and care that we devote to our consumers equally extends to our IQOS Boutique staff. We have implemented rigorous hygiene procedures that include the professional sanitization of the entire IQOS Boutique and the regular cleaning of surfaces, payment terminals, counters and other frequently contacted areas. We also apply social distancing and our staff wears masks and gloves while at work.

We will be glad to welcome you to our IQOS Boutique. It is located in the southwest of The Dubai Mall, in the Fashion Avenue, on the 1st floor, unit FF-078. And it is open as per the operating hours of The Dubai Mall.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

IQOS Care Team