February 21 2022

Upgrade your IQOS device firmware

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your IQOS experience, which is why we optimise firmware for IQOS 3 DUO from time to time. And, just like you do with your smartphones or other electronic devices, upgrading the firmware on your IQOS 3 DUO will ensure that it is performing at its best.

Why should I upgrade the firmware of my IQOS device?

There are many benefits to gain! In general, the firmware upgrade improves the efficiency and performance of your device and your device battery can be improved. However, the lifespan of the battery depends on several factors including: how you use it, your device settings, the age of the battery and environmental conditions.

The sooner you do the firmware upgrade, the longer you can enjoy the improvements in your IQOS experience. See more at the Important Information/[Battery Degradation].


How can I upgrade my device firmware?

This is a quick and easy process. Simply visit one of the IQOS selling stores, which offer the service of 'Firmware Upgrade' and the IQOS Team there will be happy to do the upgrade for you! You can also visit the IQOS Boutique at The Dubai Mall or Fixperts at the Mall of the Emirates to do the upgrade.

In only a few minutes, you’ll be well on your way to keep the technology inside your IQOS up to date and continue to enjoy the best experience with your device.


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