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How to store, dispose or recycle IQOS ORIGINALS

IQOS ORIGINALS disposal and recycling
  • Owners of old devices and batteries purchased from Philip Morris GmbH can return them free of charge to any IQOS store in Germany or send them back to Philip Morris GmbH by mail; in the latter case, Philip Morris GmbH will provide you with a return label free of charge - please refer to for details of an intended return.

How do I store my IQOS ORIGINALS device?
  • You should store your IQOS ORIGINALS in a dry ventilated place and keep it within its operating temperature range (0°C - 40°C). Make sure not to expose it to excessive heat or moisture. If you haven’t used your IQOS ORIGINALS for a while first ensure it is within its operating temperature range then try to charge it fully before using it.
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