How to clean my IQOS?

You can easily clean your IQOS Holder & IQOS Cap in a few simple steps: IQOS Holder: Prepare: Wait for at least 30 seconds to cool down the blade; Remove the cap; Slide open your IQOS Cleaning Tool Insert : With a straight and gentle gesture, insert the IQOS Cleaning Tool until it touches the bottom of the heating chamber. Do not twist yet! Clean: Without any further pushing pressure, gently twist IQOS Cleaning Tool 2-3 times. Stop twisting, and extract the Cleaning Tool straight from the Holder. Gently tap the Holder and the Cleaning Tool to remove the tobacco residuals Finalize: Use the IQOS Cleaning Stick as a finishing touch by inserting it straight along the chamber. Clean the area of the bottom of the heating chamber by half-arch, but not circular, movements. Remember to not push it or hit against the blade (do not attempt to clean the blade itself, but only the bottom of the heating chamber) IQOS Cap: Clean the inside of the IQOS Cap from the top with the IQOS Cleaning Sticks. Usage tips: Make sure you don’t accidentally start heating your device during cleaning (avoid pressing the Holder button) Clean the Holder only with a clean and not damaged tool Never use water to clean your IQOS Cleaning Tool or Holder Avoid contact of IQOS Cleaning Tool or IQOS Cleaning Sticks Never use cleaning agents, solvents, chemicals, volatiles, compressed air or any liquids to clean the Holder, the Cap or the IQOS Cleaning Tool Do not attempt to clean the blade itself, but only the bottom of the heating chamber.

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