Self-diagnose your IQOS ILUMA ONE

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Self-diagnose your IQOS ILUMA ONE

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Trouble inserting SMARTCORE STICK™?

A SMARTCORE STICK™ may be broken in the device. Try using a toothpick to remove the part of the stick that remains in the device.

Do the white lights progressively switch off during your experience?

This is the experience count down. When you feel another vibration and only one Light pulsing white, your IQOS experience is nearly over (30 sec or 2 puffs remaining). Slide to close the cap.

Do lights blink twice in white and then switch-off?

Your IQOS ILUMA ONE may be out of range of temperature (0°C⁓40°C). If too cold, try to warm it in your hands and try again.

Does the bottom light blink yellow?

Tap the button on your IQOS ILUMA ONE to check the battery level. If the bottom of the light strip blinks yellow, this means the battery is low on charge. For a full charge, plug the device for at least 75 minutes. When full, all lights will stay solid white and then turn off.

Does the bottom light blink red?

There might be a little error, please try to reset your IQOS ILUMA ONE. If the red light persist, please contact our Customer Care.

Do you need to reset your device?

Press the IQOS ILUMA ONE button for 7 seconds, then release the button. All Status Lights will turn off, blink twice and turn on to confirm the reset.

Does the SMARTCORE STICK™ have lower areosol quality?

  1. The IQOS ILUMA™ Holder only needs to detect the presence of a SMARTCORE STICK™ in order to start an experience. A used stick will not be able to generate any substantial aerosol.
  2. Ensure the SMARTCORE STICK™ was inserted correctly as per the user guide instructions. 
  3. SMARTCORE STICK™ packs should not be stored in an environment which is too humid or too dry. Doing so can have an effect on the aerosol quality.

Get more help with our Self-diagnosis tool.



IQOS ILUMA ONE is designed to be used only with SMARTCORE STICKS™ . Do not use SMARTCORE STICKS™ with previous IQOS generations, as this may cause damage to your device. SMARTCORE STICKS™ contain a metal part. Keep out of reach of children to prevent disassembly or ingestion.

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