The science and vision behind IQOS.

IQOS is the combination of science, technology and vision. 

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Science behind heated tobacco

We believe in science. We believe it can change the lives of millions of smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke.
To this effect, we recruited scientists to work on an important idea:  developing the products that legal age smokers can consider as an alternative if they don't quit

Hundreds of scientists and engineers at PMI’s global Research and Development centers in Switzerland and Singapore have developed and evaluated IQOS, an innovative electronic device that heats and not burns tobacco. It produces a tobacco vapour that delivers tobacco taste and nicotine.

Tested to the highest standards.

IQOS has gone through robust scientific assessments, including, to date, 18 non-clinical and 10 clinical studies involving thousands of participants.  

Learn more about some of the key pieces of scientific evidence on IQOS.

Brilliant gold IQOS 3 DUO holder and charger in hand

Why heating?

Technology – the world revolves around it. Over the years, it has radically changed our lives for the future. The way we work, the way we communicate, the way we travel. By combining science and technology is how we developed an alternative to continued smoking. 

IQOS is an alternative for adult smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke. 

IQOS DUO holder heats up to 350°C

IQOS doesn’t produce Tar*

*Tar is the residue from smoke after a cigarette has burned. IQOS does not produce tar because it heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates an aerosol residue that is fundamentally different from “Tar” 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Although IQOS does not produce tar, IQOS is not risk free, and delivers nicotine which is addictive. 


IQOS does not produce high amounts of carbon monoxide. 

IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco, producing on average 98% less carbon monoxide (CO) than others.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This does not mean IQOS is risk-free. 


Brilliant gold IQOS 3 DUO holder and charger in hand
The benefits of IQOS

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