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What is IQOS?

IQOS is a tobacco heating system from the company Philip Morris and an innovative alternative to cigarettes. 

What makes the IQOS tobacco heater special: It doesn’t burn real tobacco like conventional cigarettes do, but rather steadily heats it in order to produce a nicotine-containing tobacco vapor. IQOS is the different way to enjoy tobacco: no fire, no ash, and no smell of cigarette smoke.

More than 10 years of scientific research and over 6 billion euros have been invested in developing IQOS. Several patented technologies have created the possibility of heating real tobacco in order to produce a tobacco vapor which can be consumed. One of these patents is HeatControl™ technology: It maintains the temperature on the heating blade inside IQOS consistent so the tobacco can be heated in a controlled manner. Consumption duration is approximately the same as a cigarette.

The nicotine-containing tobacco aerosol produced in a IQOS tobacco heater provides the taste of real tobacco. That makes IQOS an alternative for adult smokers who would like to enjoy the flavor of real tobacco while avoiding many of the inconveniences of cigarettes - such as ash and the smell of cigarette smoke.

Please note: IQOS is not suitable for people who have quit smoking or who have never smoked. IQOS and HEETS tobacco sticks are not suitable for minors.
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