Jul 1, 2019

New design. New name. Same flavor.

IQOS HEETS recently became available with the new packaging design at IQOS Stores and local retailers. Now HEETS varieties are also available with the new design from our online shop: Discover the new designs and IQOS HEETS varieties, and order your HEETS quickly, comfortably, and without shipping costs.

Not only is the design of HEETS packaging changing, so is the name of a HEETS variety. HEETS Red Label is now called HEETS Sierra Selection.

The taste of what are now four HEETS flavors remains unchanged. It doesn’t matter which HEETS variety you choose, you’ll always experience the authentic flavor of genuine tobacco. Enjoy a uniquely warm hint of mocha with aroma-rich HEETS Bronze Selection. Softly balanced HEETS Amber Selection surprises with a gentle hint of wood and slightly nutty aromas. HEETS Yellow Selection is characterized by high-quality, well-balanced tobacco flavor with a light hint of herbs. And a delicate mixture of pleasant wood and tea are the hallmarks of HEETS Sienna Selection.
Discover all of the new HEETS packages in our online shop now.

HEETS Amber. How does it compare to other HEETS?

The HEETS Amber Selection stands for balanced tobacco enjoyment with a fine wood note and light nutty aromas. The intensity is with 3/5 similar to the HEETS Yellow Green Selection and the HEETS Yellow Selection. The aroma is relatively high with 4/5, just like the HEETS Teak Selection. In a direct comparison HEETS Amber vs. HEETS Bronze, HEETS Bronze is both more intense and more aromatic, but they are similar in full-bodieness.


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