One more reward of friendship!

Start to enjoy moments together, without smoke!

IQOS ILUMA has been with us for a few months. This revolution in tobacco use is a favorite part of everyone's daily life. Connect with other adult smoker friends and help them for a change to a smokeless alternative.

The diverse selection of tastes and intensities will delight even stubborn cigarette smokers. There is something for everyone among TEREA flavors. Now you have the opportunity to share them with your adult smokers you know and more referral rewards will be waiting for you.

For adult smokers, there are now two special offers available. They can get IQOS ILUMA One registration kit for a discounted price of CZK 490 instead of CZK 1090, saving CZK 600 with extra 3 packs using your referral code and IQOS ILUMA registration kit with 3 packs using your referral code for a discounted price of CZK 990 instead of CZK 1690, saving CZK 700.

What is waiting for You? More you refer, more you get!

Now, in the limited period from 1.6. to 30. 6. 2023, we will give you voucher for 50% discount on a bundle of TEREA, HEETS or Fiit for one successful referral of IQOS ILUMA and for second referral in this period  voucher for the whole bundle of TEREA, HEETS or Fiit. Will you choose your favorite flavor or you will try something new? You will not miss standard rewards 300 wallet points and 300 status points for each referral.

So share the joy of IQOS ILUMA today, extra rewards are waiting for you. Don’t forget, real friends quit together!


Frequently asked questions

Yes, all registered adult users who have linked device IQOS ILUMA, IQOS VEEV or lil SOLID device can participate. Get discount on bundles of TEREA, HEETS or Fiit extra to your standard rewards for referring and start to enjoy new dimension. 
To help you motivate your adult smoker friends, there are discounted sets IQOS ILUMA  and IQOS ILUMA One available during June. Your adult smoker friend can choose any IQOS ILUMA device even IQOS ILUMA Prime, and it will count towards winning your extra rewards.
No. To get the extra rewards, your adult smoker friends must purchase one of IQOS ILUMA devices. If your adult smoker friend purchases lil SOLID or IQOS VEEV using your referral code, you will get just the standard reward of referral which is 300 status points and 300 wallet points.
Yes, these extra rewards are cumulative. For first referral you will get voucher of 50% discount on bundle of   TEREA, HEETS or Fiit and for second successful referral you will get voucher of  100% discount on bundle of TEREA, HEETS or Fiit, of your choice. 
No. Only successful referrals made during the term of the promo will be counted.
Yes, it still applies that the maximum limit of referrals is 10, whereas every referral to an adult user is counted. This means that even past referrals, referrals during the promo and referrals after the promo are counted, whereas the total sum must not exceed 10.

The rewards are vouchers for a 50% and 100% discounts on the purchase of a bundle of TEREA, HEETS or Fiit at our IQOS e-shop, IQOS stores or IQOS POP-UP stores. We will send you the voucher via e-mail or SMS and its valid until 31. 7. 2023.  The claim to the reward expires after this date. Each consumer is entitled to get only one voucher for first and second referal  even they refered three or more referrals during promo. The voucher is not transferable to another person.

The operator reserves the right to change the promo conditions at any time. The change of conditions is valid from the date of their publication on the website at Learn more about terms and conditions here.

Operator: Philip Morris ČR a. s., Vítězná 1, 284 03 Kutná Hora, Company ID No. 14803534, incorporated in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, File 627.

Prague, dated 31. May 2023