How was the summer and KVIFF with IQOS?

Offering exciting experiences to our legal-age users is what IQOS is about.

Especially in summer! Once again this year, we brought unconventional entertainment to the IQOS LOUNGE at KVIFF and other events. Who did we invite to join us this year?

IQOS 3 DUO on sound system

Guests who inspire

A talk show hosted by Libor Bouček, a personal meet & greet with talented producer and DJ Jakub Strach, alias NobodyListen, and a creative workshop with painter Mária Hula Valenčíková all livened up the film festival in Karlovy Vary. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it with us!

What else did IQOS LOUNGE offer?

In addition to free coffee or prosecco, we also provided all the services you would usually find at our authorized stores. Hula created a special edition of stickers to decorate your IQOS device and pastry chef Iveta Fabešová invented special ice cream flavors that visitors savored on our covered terrace. Which flavor did you like most?



More summer adventures with IQOS

IQOS knows how to make the most of summer. This year’s journey was full of great experiences, and we are delighted by everyone who joined us.



We hope these summer moments spent with IQOS will keep you warm all year round.

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