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lil Solid 2.0 Charger White (WHITE)
lil Solid 2.0 Power Adaptor G0000578 WHITE 2 LIL false M0306 DH000148.00 S.01MAJ 4870216764524 ht-accessories all-accessories 400.0 400.0
lil Dual Cleaner Dark Navy (DARK NAVY)
lil Dual Cleaner С̱130.00
lil Dual Cleaner G0000579 DARK NAVY 2 LIL false M0320 DN000152.00 S.01MAK 4870216764586 ht-accessories all-accessories 130.0 130.0
lil Solid 2.0 USB Cable White (WHITE)
lil Solid 2.0 USB Cable G0000577 WHITE 2 LIL false M0308 DG000171.00 S.01MAH 4870216764500 ht-accessories all-accessories 400.0 400.0