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Whom do I contact if my IQOS isn’t working or is broken?

There are various ways to proceed depending on the problem your IQOS device is experiencing.

Step 1: Device reset
  • Please reset your IQOS device first in order to exclude a software error. You can learn how to reset your device here.
Step 2: Firmware update with the IQOS app
  • Otherwise, check the current firmware version on your IQOS device and, if necessary, perform a firmware update with the IQOS app.
Step 3: Cleaning and charging
  • Clean your IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger thoroughly and make sure you have charged them for at least 20 minutes using the original IQOS power supply and USB cable.
Step 4: Online troubleshoot Step 5: IQOS Care

Your device is defective:
If the device is defective (such as if the IQOS heating blade has broken), then please start the online-diagnostic tool immediately. If the problem couldn’t be resolved in this manner, then please contact our IQOS live chat or an expert in an IQOS Store nearby.

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