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Which support services are available with IQOS Support?

If you have already switched to IQOS, you will benefit from our all-round support from IQOS Support right from the start. Whether it's expert tips on how to get started with IQOS or how to use and troubleshoot your device optimally: everything you need to enjoy your IQOS moment and protect your device(s) perfectly.

You can benefit from both standard and extended support services.
  • Standard support services: These are accessible to any adult smoker or adult user without device registration. For example: Our live chat, the retailer search, professional device cleaning in our IQOS stores, the hotline, our social media pages Facebook and YouTube and many more.
  • Extended support services with device registration: Create your customer account and register each of your IQOS devices to get access to additional IQOS services*. For example: software updates with the IQOS app, online device diagnosis tool, accident insurance or international support. Please read the terms and conditions that explain these services [here].
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