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Which IQOS model is right for me?

IQOS tobacco heaters are currently available in three models. The model that is the best match for you will depend on which features are important to you.


  • Interested in the newest model of our tobacco heater? Then IQOS 3 DUO is what you are looking for. It enables you to consume up to 2 HEETS tobacco sticks in a row without needing to recharge the holder.
  • Need a tobacco heater for when you’re out and about or as a second device? Then IQOS 3 Multi is the option for you. It combines holder and pocket charger in one compact device to enable the consumption of 10 HEETS tobacco sticks without recharging. That is why it is often used as a second device to have in the car or at work.
  • Are you interested in an easy-to-use entry-level model? Then the IQOS 2.4 Plus is probably right for you. It features the revolutionary IQOS heat-not-burn system while also being especially easy to use.

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