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What is the best way to clean my IQOS 3 Holder?

After around 20 HEETS tobacco sticks, the pocket charger automatically initiates the IQOS holder’s self-cleaning process. The heating blade inside the holder is heated such that tobacco residue is loosened.

However, this is no substitute for manual cleaning: For optimum performance and consistent flavor, you should clean your device regularly. This is the exact procedure for cleaning your IQOS 3:

Cool holder sufficiently:
Allow your IQOS 3 holder to cool sufficiently before you start cleaning (at least 30 seconds after the last use).

Tap the holder:
Remove the cap and tap the holder gently on a smooth surface to loosen tobacco residue.

Use the cleaning tool:
Now remove the cap from the cleaning tool. Insert the cleaning tool straight into the holder until it reaches the bottom and then turn it gently.

Use a cleaning-stick:
For more thorough cleaning of your IQOS 3 holder, use IQOS cleaning-sticks regularly, after around 20 tobacco sticks (please use carefully!) Be sure to not exert too much pressure and to not touch the heating blade.

Clean cap:
Finally, you should also clean the inside of the cap of the IQOS 3.

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