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Do I need to register for IQOS Support?

Since IQOS Support is part of IQOS, you cannot register specifically for IQOS Support.
However, in order to use some of the additional IQOS services of IQOS Support, you must create an IQOS customer account and link your IQOS device to this customer account. 

Depending on where (channel) you purchased your IQOS device, you can register your
device / link it to your customer account as follows:
  • In case you purchased your device on, it will be automatically registered in your IQOS account. 
  • When purchasing in one of our IQOS stores, you can have your device registered by our IQOS experts on site.
  • If you bought your first device from one of our distributors/dealers, you must register yourself and your device as a new customer in the IQOS database at If you have bought an additional IQOS device from a distributor/dealer, please go to, log in with your existing credentials and link your IQOS device to your customer account.

To profit from the benefits of the IQOS Club and the referral program of IQOS Support, in addition to registering your device, you need to register for the IQOS Club with your access data and thus become a Club member. 
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