Back again: HEETS Turquoise Selection.

HEETS News 14/03/2022

Mentholated and subtle.

HEETS Turquoise Selection is characterized by immediate menthol freshnessdelivers Crisp Menthol cooling coupled with a lightly toasted tobacco blend and enriched by subtle zesty aroma notes.

The HEETS Turquoise Selection is a refreshing and cooling HEETS variety and is thus a menthol subtle HEETS variant. Within the entire range, HEETS Turquoise is one of the less intense HEETS varieties.

There are no price differences: the HEETS Turquoise Selection, just like all other HEETS varieties, costs €6.80 for 20 HEETS tobacco sticks. It is available at all well-known HEETS sales outlets.

Two years ago, a HEETS Turquoise Selection was previously available in Germany. Now it's back: the trusted taste hasn't changed. Moreover, the flavor of the variety available in Germany is no different from that in other countries. The HEETS Turquoise Selection can be tested in IQOS stores.

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