Different HEETS flavours

Discover the variety of HEETS, enjoy real tobacco.

A completely new way to experience real tobacco: HEETS tobacco sticks were specially
developed for IQOS ORIGINALS.

For our HEETS varieties, the finest tobacco leaves from tobacco plantations around the world are ground and processed into small tobacco sticks.



Where enjoyment comes from.  

With our years of experience and expertise, we select only high-quality tobaccos for our HEETS tobacco sticks. These ripen in fields in Italy, Brazil or Tanzania, among other places.

Carefully harvested and gently processed, they are the basis for our tobacco blends (blended tobacco) - and thus for the diversity of our HEETS varieties.

From delicately aromatic to strongly matured: Find exactly the tobacco pleasure that suits you.

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Discover the HEETS tobacco variety.  


Russet Selection

Robust and matured

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HEETS Russet – Flavour Details


Bronze Selection

Rich and warm

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HEETS Bronze – Flavour Details


Sienna Selection

Balanced and woody

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HEETS Sienna – Flavour Details


Teak Selection

Rounded and creamy

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HEETS Teak – Flavour Details


Amber Selection

Gentle and balanced

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HEETS Amber – Flavour Details


Yellow Selection

Mild and zesty

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HEETS Yellow – Flavour Details


Yellow Green Selection

Rich and spicy

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HEETS Yellow Green – Flavour Details


Turquoise Selection

Refreshing and cooling

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HEETS Turquoise – Flavour Details

HEETS tobacco sticks in detail.

HEETS are optimally matched to IQOS ORIGINALS: Each individual tobacco stick contains real tobacco and consists of

different elements, which are manufactured under the highest quality criteria from premium raw materials.


Cross section of a HEETS tobacco stick
Real tobacco
Carefully selected and finely ground tobacco leaves are processed into homogeneous tobacco sticks. For a consistently high tobacco enjoyment.
Protective cover
A protective aluminum shell ensures optimal conditions when heating the tobacco and thus a consistent taste experience.
Hollow channel
The tobacco vapor flows through the hollow channel into the cooling segment. In addition, the hollow channel fixes the tobacco stick.
Cooling segment
In the cooling segment there is a polymer filter made of corn. This filter ensures the cooling of the tobacco vapor.
Filter element
The filter element is a pleasantly soft mouthpiece. It is made of high quality cellulose acetate.


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Try the IQOS ORIGINALS DUO, our best tobacco heater, free from home for 30 days. In addition, you will receive three of our most popular HEETS varieties for free to try.


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You can also test all our HEETS varieties free of charge: Our IQOS experts will be happy to advise you on site in one of our IQOS stores near you.

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Frequently asked questions about HEETS tobacco sticks.

IQOS ORIGINALS has been designed to heat a HEETS tobacco stick for about the same
time as a cigarette, yet without burning tobacco. That is why the consumption duration of one HEETS tobacco stick approximately corresponds to that of one cigarette. A HEETS tobacco stick can be consumed for up to 6 minutes.
Please note: The exact duration will depend on consumer behavior and can vary, for
example when taking very strong puffs from the tobacco stick.
Yes, HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. Nicotine is a natural component of the tobacco plant and is released in the tobacco aerosol produced when using IQOS ORIGINALS.
HEETS tobacco sticks are available in many different flavors, from mild and flavorful to
strong and matured. With the help of the HEETS product descriptions, you can get an idea of the variety of flavors and choose the HEETS variety that best suits your taste. Did you know? In the IQOS Store you can try all HEETS varieties free of charge. You can find the nearest IQOS Store here.
HEETS tobacco sticks are shorter than cigarettes because the tobacco in them is compressed. The tobacco in HEETS consists of the finest tobacco leaves, which have been ground and processed into a homogeneous tobacco strand. This allows the tobacco to be gently heated instead of burned.
The duration of tobacco enjoyment remains the same: the average consumption experience is roughly equivalent to that of a cigarette.
No, IQOS does not offer nicotine-free HEETS. There are alternative products available from other manufacturers. In general, we do not recommend using IQOS ORIGINALS with products not tested and offered by Philip Morris for safety reasons. Use IQOS ORIGINALS exclusively with HEETS tobacco sticks. If you want to completely abstain from nicotine, you should refrain from smoking and using IQOS ORIGINALS completely.
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What are IQOS tobacco heaters?

IQOS tobacco heaters are electronic devices that gently heat real tobacco instead of burning it. There are currently two models: the IQOS ORIGINALS DUO and the IQOS ORIGINALS ONE.


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