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Products Products
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Cap Copper (Copper)
Cap G0000105 Copper 3.0 IQOS false M0304 DF001417.14 S.01KW9 5410706850475 ht-customization all-accessories 8.9 8.9
IQOS ORIGINAL ONE Silicone Sleeve Red (Red)
IQOS ORIGINALS ONE Silicone Sleeve G0000994 Scarlet 3.1 IQOS ORIGINALS false M0303 DE000866.00 S.01PC1 7622100672913 ht-accessories all-accessories 4.9 4.9
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Sleeve Grey (Grey)
Sleeve G0000176 Grey 3.0 IQOS false M0323 DE000274.03 S.01KXG 5410706857429 category-carryprotect all-accessories 8.9 8.9
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Folio Indigo (Indigo)
Folio G0000051 Indigo 3.0 IQOS false M0303 DE000263.03 S.01KXF 5410706857528 category-carryprotect all-accessories 11.0 11.0
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Tray Red Brown (Red)
Buy IQOS ORIGINAL™ Tray G0000528 Red 2.4 IQOS false M0322 DP000142.03 S.01LRM 7622100806448 ht-accessories all-accessories 12.0 12.0
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Ceramic Tray Black (Black)
Ceramic Tray G0000166 Black IQOS false M0322 DP000125.04 S.01KVZ 5410706850260 category-dispose all-accessories 24.0 24.0
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Car Combo Tray Black (Black)
Car Tray Motor Edition G0000165 Black IQOS false M0322 DP000118.07 S.01KUX 5410706847864 category-dispose all-accessories 19.0 19.0
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Cleaning Sticks (White)
Cleaning Sticks G0000163 White 2.4 IQOS false M0321 DR000087.00 S.01KTN 5410706859829 category-clean all-accessories 2.5 2.5
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Charging Dock (White)
Charging Dock G0000570 White 3.0 IQOS false M0309 DS000261.01 S.01M21 4023500726993 ht-accessories all-accessories 14.0 14.0
IQOS ORIGINAL™ Charging Stand (Cream)
Charging Dock G0000488 Cream 3.0M IQOS false M0309 DS000235.01 S.01LCZ 4023500799751 ht-accessories all-accessories 14.0 14.0

Buy IQOS accessories for your heated tobacco device. 

Give your IQOS ORIGINALS heated tobacco device a truly personal touch with the individual IQOS accessories. Choose from a variety of IQOS accessories such as IQOS ORIGINAL™ Caps and IQOS ORIGINAL™ Door Covers in many different colors.

IQOS accessories also include practical aids for everyday use such as the IQOS ORIGINAL™ Tray or accessories for cleaning and charging. There are also special IQOS accessories for the car, such as the IQOS ORIGINAL™ Car Combo Tray

Look out for special offers on IQOS accessories.

Make the IQOS device yours - with a wide range of stylish and practical accessories:


Give your IQOS its very own look. The different colored IQOS Caps can be changed very easily and quickly.


Personalize your IQOS in your favorite color. Use the IQOS Door Covers to make your Pocket Charger uniquely individual.

IQOS ORIGINAL™ Silicon Sleeve 

Individual protection for your IQOS: Easy to attach, the extremely lightweight and non-slip case provides protection for your device and sets colorful statements. You can also charge your IQOS while it is in the silicone case.


Dispose of used HEETS stylishly: Whether at home or in the office, you can easily dispose of your used HEETS tobacco sticks in the IQOS ORIGINAL™ Tray.


The best protection for on the go: The IQOS Sleeve not only offers protection for your IQOS, but also allows you to always have a pack of HEETS tobacco sticks at hand together with your IQOS.


Space for everything important and more: Transport and protect not only your IQOS, but also its accessories with the IQOS Folio. In addition to your heated tobacco device, the IQOS ORIGINAL™ Folio also has room for a pack of HEETS tobacco sticks and the Cleaning Tool.

IQOS ORIGINAL™ Cleaning Tool

The Cleaning Tool for the optimal performance of your IQOS: The brushes of the Cleaning Tool ensure a thorough cleaning of your IQOS. To always enjoy the authentic taste of real tobacco, your device should be cleaned regularly after approx. 20 HEETS tobacco sticks.

IQOS ORIGINAL™ Cleaning Sticks

For extra thorough cleaning: one pack of Cleaning Sticks contains 30 individual sticks. We recommend thorough cleaning of your IQOS Holder after every 20 HEETS tobacco sticks. After removing dirt with the IQOS Cleaning Tool, use the IQOS Cleaning Sticks to clean the inside of your Holder without applying much pressure or touching the heating blade. See our support section  for info on how to properly clean your IQOS.