What is heated tobacco?

Our heated tobacco devices are electronic devices that heat real tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, the tobacco is not burned but gently heated.

For real tobacco enjoyment.


Heated tobacco device, e-cigarette, cigarette: what are the differences?

IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco devices gently heat real tobacco. By contrast,

e-cigarettes vaporize liquids, and cigarettes burn tobacco.

Comparisson between tabaco heater and conventional cigarette

Heating tobacco means:

  • No fire and no hot embers
  • No annoying smell of smoke
  • No annoying ash
  • Less yellow teeth and fingers, significantly less discoloration1

With IQOS, you'll enjoy:

  • Real tobacco
  • Eight different varieties of tobacco sticks
  • Less harmful substances2, same moment of enjoyment

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1 Important note: If your teeth are already stained, switching to IQOS will not resolve, improve or remove this existing discoloration. Proven by non-clinical study in Switzerland with IQOS smoke on human teeth and most common dental materials. In contrast to everyday situations, the teeth were not exposed to any other tooth-staining substances during the study.

2 Compared to cigarettes. The reduction of less harmful substances is not the same as a reduction of the risk. Important information: IQOS is not risk-free.
Average reduction in the concentration of individual harmful substances (9 priority toxicants identified by the WHO) in IQOS compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F); Recorded with Health Canada's Intense Smoking Regimen without nicotine.

7 out of 10 smokers who try IQOS leave cigarettes behind.

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Source: PMI Financials or estimates, IQOS user panel and PMI Market Research.

IQOS ILUMA on a notebook

Your advantages with IQOS ILUMA:

  • Real tobacco enjoyment thanks to real tobacco.
  • Our most innovative technology, the patented SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™.
  • 95% less harmful substances compared to cigarettes.*

Important information: The reduction of harmful substances is not to be equated with a reducktion of risk. IQOS is not risk-free.


* Average reduction in the levels of a range of harmful chemicals from IQOS (9 so-called “priority toxicants” identified by the WHO) compared to the smoke from a reference cigarette (3R4F). Based on Health Canada’s Intense Smoking Regime without nicotine.

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If you switch too, you’ll get a 20 € discount* with an IQOS friends code of IQOS users.

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* Only for adult smokers. Only for new customers. €20 discount on an IQOS ILUMA of your choice if you buy directly. Only redeemable with your IQOS friends code on IQOS.com, in IQOS stores or with IQOS sales experts.

IQOS ILUMA product family und prices

This is how intuitively IQOS ILUMA works.

How To Video: IQOS ILUMA Prime
How To Video: IQOS ILUMA

Real Tobacco.

Discover TEREA tobacco sticks, specially designed for IQOS ILUMA:

  • Selected raw materials.
  • 8 diverse tobacco varieties.
  • From intense and roasted to fine and soft.

Find exactly the tobacco pleasure that suits you.

Discover TEREA

Three IQOS TEREA packs before a handful of tobacco

That's how easy it is to switch to IQOS ILUMA.

Try IQOS ILUMA or IQOS ILUMA ONE for 30 days with the ILUMA trial month for €0.* Or decide directly to purchase an IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco devices. Whichever offer you choose, as a new customer, you will receive 2 free trial packs of TEREA.

* Only for new customers, including 2x TEREA packs for free.

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Want to chat?

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