Introducing new VEEV pods with a lower nicotine level!

You can now choose how much nicotine there is in your VEEV pods. We are introducing four VEEV pod variants with a lower nicotine level, being 0.8%.   

Bringing you new VEEV pods with a reduced nicotine level! Selected flavors, which you already know from those variants with a 1.6% nicotine level, are now available with a 0.8% nicotine level. This option is available for these four variants: Classic Auburn, Mauve Mix, Red Mix, and Classic Mint.

Pods with the higher 1.6% nicotine level continue to be sold in the following flavors: Classic Mint, Classic Auburn, Mauve Mix, Red Mix, Classic Blond, Green Mix, and Sunglow Mix. 

Get to know the new pods with a reduced nicotine level!

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