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For almost ten years, the popularity of heated tobacco has been growing in the world and Czech Republic. Find out how it works and why the combination of tobacco sticks and cutting-edge technology in IQOS devices is a better alternative to smoking. 


The technology of heated tobacco, as we know it today, started to take its shape in laboratories twenty years ago. Scientists and engineers in the end found a way to heat a blend of quality tobacco to a temperature high enough to release an aerosol with nicotine, but still not so high for it to start combustion. The absence of combustion is the reason why our IQOS tobacco heating devices do not produce any smoke, ash, or tar, bringing tangible benefits to the users and those around them.


IQOS heated tobacco devices deliver the real taste of tobacco and the whole ritual is closer to the one associated with a classic cigarette in comparison to the ritual delivered by vaping. Disadvantage, when compared to electronic cigarettes, is the price. Both the device itself and the tobacco sticks are more expensive than its vaping equivalents.

Tobacco sticks taste slightly different compared to cigarettes. They deliver the true tobacco taste, without aftertaste caused by combustion. In response to requests of adult users we also introduce different taste variants and flavors to the market. These include menthol variants or flavors with fruity tones. 

Discover the flavor range of TEREA.

Tobacco tar is produced by the burning of organic matter. Tar is only produced by conventional cigarettes, it is not produced by IQOS devices, because they do not burn tobacco. You can find more information on our website IQOS Science and Heat-not-Burn Technology. Absence of tar does not mean that IQOS is risk-free. It contains nicotine which is addictive.


Tobacco sticks for IQOS are smaller than classic cigarettes, but they deliver the same dose of nicotine as its traditional equivalents. This is possible thanks to a unique manufacturing process. Tobacco leaves are ground to a powder and then reconstituted into thin sheets. These sheets are then compressed with other ingredients and flavors and covered in a protective paper. Other components of the stick are a hollow cellulose tube and a filter. Tobacco sticks resemble cigarettes but are designed for use only in dedicated devices. Don’t try to light up or smoke them. 


Learn more about the history of tobacco and its farming.

The cutting-edge technology in the heater is set to deliver the perfect experience. For example, in the case of an IQOS device, this means that it will allow 14 puffs or six minutes of use before turning itself off. Here, too, the technology helps to make your experience similar to a classic cigarette, but with reduced risk if you switch to IQOS completely.

Explore heated tobacco devices and try better alternatives to smoking today.

The latest device in the IQOS family, the ILUMA series, offers an innovative heating technology that no longer uses a blade. The tobacco is heated thanks to a steel element hidden inside the specially designed TEREA tobacco sticks. Thanks to this, IQOS ILUMA offers a cleaner and more pleasant experience. The design of the device has also been improved. You can read an article about IQOS ILUMA on our blog.

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