Discover the benefits of vaping with IQOS VEEV! 

IQOS VEEV is our latest e-cigarette designed for vaping. Using a special technology, it heats pods containing e-liquid to deliver an extraordinary sensory experience. If you are already using heated tobacco, IQOS VEEV is a great addition to your current device.

Why is IQOS VEEV the right choice?

The MESH heating technology guarantees the best possible taste.


Easy to use and no cleani

It contains 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*


Wide assortment of flavors, including fruity flavors and pods with a lower level of nico

It leaves no stale odor** or heated tobacco odor.


Configurable vibrations during puffing and cloud size

Important information: It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk. IQOS VEEV is not risk-free.

* Source: The average reduction of the level of numerous harmful chemical substances (excluding nicotine) compared to cigarette smoke of a reference cigarette. See the Important Information. ** Source: Studies conducted in Ukraine with a total of 596 smokers of legal age, heated tobacco product or e-cigarette users, December 2019 and August 2020.

A special offer designed to fit your needs!

Buy an IQOS VEEV set for a special price. Every set contains an IQOS VEEV device and two packs of VEEV pods of your choice as a bonus!

a 2 packs of pods*
for 290 CZK


Registration offer can be used at IQOS Stores, with IQOS partners or on e-shop. Offer is valid for first and additional five registration offer kit. *One pack of VEEV pods contains two VEEV pod

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