Special offers and other benefits of IQOS CLUB

Become an IQOS CLUB member and on top of the great taste of real tobacco, enjoy unique benefits. We will reward you for every purchase and you will also gain access to exclusive members only offers.

Top of the class technology and customer care are not the only things you can look forward to as an IQOS user. For all the adult users we have a loyalty program called IQOS CLUB. All you have to do is register your IQOS ILUMA or IQOS VEEV device and you can prepare yourself for a wide range of benefits and advantages as one of its members.  

Cashback – buy now and save later 

The first benefit brought to you by IQOS CLUB is cashback. From every purchase of sticks, pods, devices or accessories you will receive part of the value back in the form of points in your IQOS CLUB wallet. You can redeem your points in the form of discount vouchers and save with your next purchase.  

You will get back 9% from every purchase of HEETS for IQOS 3 DUO, tobacco sticks TEREA for IQOS ILUMA and e-liquid pods for IQOS VEEV*. For all other items from our sortiment, for example accessories and devices, you will receive 3% cashback.  

You can choose, for example, a new cap for your IQOS device in one of more than ten colors or a protective cap and sleeve for IQOS VEEV, which will protect your device no matter where you will take it. You should have in your collection also an IQOS cleaner or a charging dock. You can find it all in our e-shop.  

No need to worry if you go shopping to one of our regular stores – you will be able to enjoy your benefits there as well. You will collect points for your cashback from every purchase in both our e-shop or branded and partner stores.  

How will I exchange my points for a voucher? 

Points are credited to your IQOS CLUB wallet automatically. You can easily check how many you have by logging into your customer account in the IQOS CLUB section. It is then only up to you when and how many of them you exchange for a discount voucher.

All you have to do is click on the "Use your points" button on the IQOS CLUB main page in the "Use your points" section. Choose the one that suits you best and confirm the exchange of points. The system will show you a twelve-digit code that you can apply to your next purchase at the IQOS e-shop or store.

You will then find your vouchers in the section "Vouchers for points from the wallet" or in the section "Status benefits", you will see the vouchers obtained thanks to your status. You can then find the overall view in the "My vouchers" section. 

What can you use your vouchers for? 

Anything except devices. Members with the Gold or Platinum status will also earn special vouchers for purchase of accessories and tobacco sticks and pods. You will find possibilities for use of every voucher if you click on “Terms for voucher redemption“. Most often you will need it to replenish your stock of tobacco sticks and pods.

IQOS CLUB – your invitation to the top of the class services and unique experiences  

Points and vouchers are not the only thing you will gain from a membership in the IQOS CLUB. With a growing count of status points, you can build your membership and every level will unlock new benefits for you. As a member of IQOS CLUB, you will be the first to learn about novelties and competitions for great prices opened for members. And once you reach the gold or platinum status, we have for you free shipping** and discounts for accessories*** for your device.  

Activity will pay off

Recommend IQOS to your adult smoker friends, watch an interesting video or test your knowledge in one of our quizzes and you will soon collect enough points for your first voucher.

New experiences

We also have exclusive VIP events for IQOS CLUB members. At least once in your life you should enjoy the unique smoke free program at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. 

Let yourself be pampered with care and benefits of IQOS CLUB.
Become a member and start enjoying it today! 

Want to know more? Read full terms and conditions.  

*9 % cashback from paid amount is related to the purchases of bundles or packs of tobacco sticks for IQOS or pods for IQOS VEEV. All other purchased goods are subject to 3 % cashback in the form of points. The offer is limited, you can collect a maximum of 303 points every month. Offer is available for IQOS CLUB members only.  
**Free shipping is limited to 6 (GOLD status) or 12 (PLATINUM status) purchases per year.  
***Discount for accessories differs based on the status you have in IQOS CLUB. 

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