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Customised pleasure. Fast charging. Smart technology.

Reset your vaping experience with IQOS VEEV, our advanced vape in a compact and easy to use format, that provides satisfaction. Expertly crafted flavours made in the EU. No smoke. Just great taste.

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Made for vaping pleasure.

IQOS VEEV is a device that’s a delight to hold, crafted from a single block of aluminum. Subtle vibrations that add pleasure to every draw.

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A vape you can trust.

Our smart vaping device features a patented heat technology that remains in constant contact with the e-liquid, so unlike wick and coil e-cigarettes, IQOS VEEV delivers a consistent taste every time. Our unique MESH heater and the smart digital control is designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste to ensure it emits on average over 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*.

Important information: This does not neccessarily equal 95% reduction in risk. IQOS VEEV is not risk free.

*Source: Average reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette. See Important information.

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Vape your way.

Customise your vape experience with the IQOS app. Choose between two vape cloud sizes (amount of vapour generated), select from five unique vibration profiles, and view your usage (puff count).

Our VEEV pod range.

Classic Auburn selection.

Classic Auburn

Rich and silky.

A sophisticated combination of tobacco aromas with silky nutty notes infused with delightful warm flavours.
Available with 1,6 % and 0,8 % nicotine level.

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Classic Blond selection.

Classic Blond

Bright and floral.

A subtle combination of tobacco aromas with discrete undertones of floral notes.

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Classic Mint selection.

Classic Mint

Refreshing and creamy.

A flavourful composition of cooling menthol with peppermint notes balanced with creamy nuances.
Available with 1,6 % and 0,8 % nicotine level.

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Green Mix selection.

Green Mix

Herbal and creamy.

An elegant mix of cooling menthol with herbal notes balanced with subtle creaminess.

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Red Mix selection.

Red Mix

Mellow and creamy.

An elegant blend of intense red berry flavours layered with delicate creamy notes.
Available with 1,6 % and 0,8 % nicotine level.

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Sunglow mix selection.

Sunglow Mix

Exotic and zesty.

A bright combination of red stone fruit notes layered with zesty undertones.

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Mauve mix selection.

Mauve Mix

Ripe and zesty.

A nuanced mix or ripe scents with exotic tropical notes and a zesty touch.
Available with 1,6 % and 0,8 % nicotine level.

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Island Cascade

Cooling and tropical red fruit

A fusion of refreshing mint with a luscious tropical red fruit twist.

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Velvet Valley

Creamy and honeyed

A fusion of creamy notes with a delicate honey and floral twist.

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Vaping the way you want it.

IQOS VEEV offers crafted flavours, smart heating technology and customisable vaping experience through the IQOS app. That's why it is Vaping Made Right.


How does IQOS VEEV MESH heating technology work?

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IQOS app. Vape your way.

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Introducing Velvet Valley and Island Cascade


New VEEV pods with a lower nicotine level

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Crafted flavour.
Made right.

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Easy to enjoy.

IQOS VEEV balances design and taste satisfaction, offering comfort and beauty in a compact device.

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