The Power of Together

Return, Reuse, Recycle

At IQOS we are working to reduce waste generated from our products and maximise recycling.​

That’s why we’re rolling out initiatives to improve used products collection.

We know we have a lot of work to do.​ And together, we have the power to make it happen!


Want to take part?

Extend the life
of your IQOS device.

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88% of IQOS users would like to do
more to reduce their impact on
the environment.* Would you?​

*Online survey conducted in Japan, Russia & Germany with 718 IQOS adult users in April 2021.

Our goal

100% of our smoke-free product users with access to collection and recovery of devices and consumables by the end the of 2025.

Making the difference. Together.

Woman in a workshop with lamps and IQOS device her right hand

Extend the life of your device

From taking care of your IQOS through to returning products for reuse and recycling, we can all play our part.

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Man returning an IQOS device for recycling in a store

Give your IQOS a second chance 

Do you have an old device that you’re not using? Bring it back to us, we’ll do the rest.​

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Discover our recycling programme

Our goal? It’s simple: to increase the number of recycled IQOS devices.

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