All key information about warranty terms and

You benefit from a 12-month IQOS warranty.
All key information about warranty terms and conditions for IQOS at a glance.
First point of contact: IQOS diagnostic tool
The easiest way to lodge a warranty claim by using the IQOS diagnostic tool. Doing so is quick and easy. Please note that your device needs to have been registered to use the tool.
More protection for you:IQOS CARE PLUS
IQOS CARE PLUS is our free service package for you. This extra service features a worldwide warranty, express replacement, and full coverage. Registration is easy: log in and register your device using your customer account.

Further information

By having a component on your IQOS device replaced, you are consenting to the replaced component becoming the property of the warranty provider. To that end, you will transfer in an anticipatory manner the ownership of all replaced components to the warranty provider for the purpose of replacement. The warranty provider accepts this anticipatory transfer of ownership. This covenant is irrevocable. Transfer of possession will take place by sending the defective IQOS component to the warranty provider.
The personal information you provide to us for repair or replacement of your product will be used in accordance with our Data Protection Policy for Consumers, which can be accessed under www.pmiprivacy.com/en/consumer.
Rights granted on the basis of this voluntary warranty exist parallel to the warranty rights you hold under law with no restriction to the latter.
IQOS CARE (hereinafter “warranty provider”) will repair or replace (at the discretion of the warranty provider) the components in the product that show material or processing defects provided the terms and conditions of this warranty are met. The warranty rights granted to you under law are not restricted by this voluntary warranty. The following warranty terms and provisions exclusively apply for the country in which you purchased your product.

The following circumstances are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage incurred from normal wear.
  • Cosmetic defects (such as scratches, pressure points, broken plastic).
  • Damage from abusive use, power surge, improper handling, contact with liquids or fire.
  • Damage or malfunctions due to the use of non-compatible products.
  • Damage or malfunctions caused by an attempt by the user or by a third party who has not been authorized by the manufacturer to open, modify, or repair components.
  • Damage or malfunctions due to use contrary to the description in the IQOS user guide.
If there is a problem with your IQOS device, then the first thing to do is to attempt a reset. If the problem persists, then launch the IQOS diagnostic tool. If the diagnostic tool doesn’t succeed in fixing the issue, then please contact the free IQOS CARE hotline at 0800- 1114 767.



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