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IQOS fabric sleeve Grey (Grey)
IQOS Fabric Sleeve С̱1,000.00
IQOS Fabric Sleeve G0000176 Grey 3.0 IQOS false M0323 DE000543.00 S.01MCH 7622100716006 ht-accessories all-accessories 1000.0 1000.0
IQOS Cleaner (Pale Blue)
IQOS Cleaner С̱160.00
Cleaner G0000270 Pale Blue IQOS false M0320 DN000140.00 S.01MC5 4870216765316 ht-accessories all-accessories 160.0 160.0
IQOS Power Adaptor (Pale Blue)
IQOS Power Adaptor С̱650.00
USB Power Adaptor G0000269 Pale Blue 2.4 IQOS false M0306 DH000149.00 S.01MC4 4870216765293 ht-accessories all-accessories 650.0 650.0
IQOS holder cap Aqua Blue (Aqua Blue)
IQOS holder cap С̱1,000.00
IQOS Cap G0000552 Aqua Blue 3.0 IQOS false M0304 DF001774.00 S.01MCJ 7622100732655 ht-accessories all-accessories 1000.0 1000.0
IQOS silicone sleeve Scarlet (Red)
IQOS silicone sleeve G0000182 Scarlet 3.0 IQOS false M0323 DE000805.00 S.01PPP 7622100666806 ht-accessories all-accessories 700.0 700.0
USB Cable IQOS 3 DUO (Pale Blue)
Charging Cable G0000268 Pale Blue 3.0 IQOS false M0308 DG000172.00 S.01MC3 4870216765279 ht-accessories all-accessories 600.0 600.0
Ceramic Tray Black (Black)
Ceramic Tray С̱2,000.00
Ceramic Tray G0000166 Black IQOS false M0322 DP000175.00 S.01MCX 7622100714927 ht-accessories all-accessories 2000.0 2000.0