for your IQOS Kit.

IQOS CARE PLUS provides you with a broad range of extra benefits.

What is in IQOS CARE PLUS?

Worldwide guarantee
IQOS CARE PLUS provides coverage even when you’re travelling abroad:Our international hotline is happy to help in the event of a valid warranty claim and, as needed, to replace your defective device in a flash.
Full coverage
IQOS CARE PLUS ensures a simple replacement process for your device even when the damage has been caused by you.

Registration is easy.

  • 1
    Log in at and register your device using your customer account.
  • 2
    Accept the IQOS CARE PLUS terms and conditions for coverage.
  • 3
    You’ll then be automatically transferred to the “my devices” area.
  • 4
    If your device has already been registered, then you can click on “Enroll to IQOS CARE PLUS” and confirm the terms and conditions for coverage. If not, then you’ll need to register your IQOS Kit first.

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